As many of you have noticed we have had a plague of spam on the forum. 

Banning by username or email address is useless due to how spam bots work, banning by IP address and hostname is far more effective, but also blocks many legit members. 

We are now simply making posting on the forum a benefit available only to Bronze members and above. I don't expect this change to actually affect anyone though as I can't remember the last time a non-donor posted in the forum that wasn't a spammer.

With the closure of our last normal server we are going through Mega, which we can't do coding for on the back end to support the normal downloads section, as such:

1) Stop going to the downloads section in the menu bar, NONE of these downloads will work.

2) Go to the forums, there's a new Episodes section that the new download links will be posted in.

The main site has been renewed for 1 year. We are looking for another host for the show servers, if we find one I'll post for a donation drive as we're $60 in the hole with today's renewal. has been wiped by the host


To those in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving :) to those elsewhere in the world, Happy (Insert harvest holiday name here).