With the closure of our last normal server we are going through Mega, which we can't do coding for on the back end to support the normal downloads section, as such:

1) Stop going to the downloads section in the menu bar, NONE of these downloads will work.

2) Go to the forums, there's a new Episodes section that the new download links will be posted in.

The main site has been renewed for 1 year. We are looking for another host for the show servers, if we find one I'll post for a donation drive as we're $60 in the hole with today's renewal.

bronzedb.info has been wiped by the host


To those in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving :) to those elsewhere in the world, Happy (Insert harvest holiday name here).

On June 20th the Stargate server and the server hosting new episodes for free were suspended by Canaca. The Stargate server will not be relaunched, we are considering what to do regarding the other.

The Bronze new episode server is still up for people who have contributed $5 or more.

For those who are curious, we have one more server with Canaca that is still running at this time, the Star Trek server. If it goes down we will not be resuming it either given that at StarTrek.com you can now watch all Star Trek episodes for free in addition to options like Netflix, etc.

[edit] The Star Trek server is gone too.