To those in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving :) to those elsewhere in the world, Happy (Insert harvest holiday name here).

On June 20th the Stargate server and the server hosting new episodes for free were suspended by Canaca. The Stargate server will not be relaunched, we are considering what to do regarding the other.

The Bronze new episode server is still up for people who have contributed $5 or more.

For those who are curious, we have one more server with Canaca that is still running at this time, the Star Trek server. If it goes down we will not be resuming it either given that at you can now watch all Star Trek episodes for free in addition to options like Netflix, etc.

[edit] The Star Trek server is gone too.

Server renewal cost is $67, $46 $73.15 is our current PayPal balance. Renewal happens on May 9th. This should be another goal that is easy to meet met :)

[Update 04/25] Trek Server renewal goal met.

After that, there is a $110 renewal in early June, and about $30 for various domain names in July and that will be it for this year's expenses.

Server renewal cost is $120, $115 is our current PayPal balance. Renewal happens on May 2nd. Should be easy to meet goal :D ... It's nice not having to stress for a change.

[Update 04/24/2014] Server renewed, thanks to those who contributed.

I had to restore a portion of the database.

So if you have changed your password during Sunday April 13 to Monday April 14, you will need to use the password that it was previously as the restored data will have restored the previous passwords.

Users who had content on the file servers let me know, i moved all old files into a backup directory on the servers, get in contact with me killpbj about getting to it.  Also those that used to have subdomain websites on here also let me know I had move and backed up all the old files on this site in order to make way for V6 of the site so all your content is safe it just been packed into a backup file let me know and i can restore it. Again send me a PM and I will get to it asap.