I had to restore a portion of the database.

So if you have changed your password during Sunday April 13 to Monday April 14, you will need to use the password that it was previously as the restored data will have restored the previous passwords.

Users who had content on the file servers let me know, i moved all old files into a backup directory on the servers, get in contact with me killpbj about getting to it.  Also those that used to have subdomain websites on here also let me know I had move and backed up all the old files on this site in order to make way for V6 of the site so all your content is safe it just been packed into a backup file let me know and i can restore it. Again send me a PM and I will get to it asap.

The remember me feature of the login module has been fixed. So if you wish to stay logged into the site for longer than 15 minutes or stay logged in between closing and opening the browser remember to check the remember me option when logging in. 

Also remember that when downloading you must be logged into the main site (scifidatabase.com). So remember if your downloads take long and you need to resume them either make sure you are logged into the site first or check the remember me box when logging in so you do not have to worry about it.

Happy Gregorian calendar new year!

Merry Christmas!

I have added a new feature, instant private messaging, so if you wish to privately communicate with someone without having to post a private message through the smf (forums) stuff you can use this. As long as the user is currently online you can instant message them otherwise use the pm feature of the smf (forums).

In the upper right corner of the site you will see a message balloon icon, click that to open the IM manager (Scifi Communicator). Click the user you wish to communicate with from the list and message back and forth. The IMs use the same format as the spam box so if you wish to use bold,italic, smileys etc just use the same format as the spam box.

If you get an IM while the IM manager is not open you will see a number over the message balloon icon stating how many new IMs you have received. Once open each new IM that you have received from each user will be listed next to their name.