To those in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving :) to those elsewhere in the world, Happy (Insert harvest holiday name here).

On June 20th the Stargate server and the server hosting new episodes for free were suspended by Canaca. The Stargate server will not be relaunched, we are considering what to do regarding the other.

The Bronze new episode server is still up for people who have contributed $5 or more.

For those who are curious, we have one more server with Canaca that is still running at this time, the Star Trek server. If it goes down we will not be resuming it either given that at StarTrek.com you can now watch all Star Trek episodes for free in addition to options like Netflix, etc.

[edit] The Star Trek server is gone too.

Hope you like the new and more active template, obviously it requires a good bit of modification to fit the usual SFDB aesthetic but first things first... getting the site working :) 

The move to a newer Joomla and SMF software is complete. But atm until Aqua chooses a template the site will be using this boring one. And the download section will be down until I am able to deploy it. Hopefully this next weekend.

Spam Box is not available till i can make a new one for Joomla 3.0, should be up tomorrow. Until then go to the forums and talk :)